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Warning: This program is distributed as a prototype for use in research and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Margrave should NOT be used to verify policies for applications.

Release 1 Margrave01.tar.gz
Margrave has only been tested on Linux with PLT Scheme version 209.
Installing Margrave
  1. If you do not already have PLT Scheme installed on your system, install it. DrScheme is recommended, but MzScheme should suffice. Both can be downloaded from The PLT homepage.
  2. If you do not already have CUDD installed on your system, install it. CUDD along with documentation can be found at Fabio Somenzi's homepage. We are using version 2.4.0.
  3. Download Margrave, gunzip it, and untar it.
  4. Edit the file "Margrave/code/AccessControl/Makefile" to show Margrave where CUDD is installed (more instructions in the Makefile).
  5. Compile the part of Margrave that is written in C by going to the directory "Margrave/code/AccessControl" and using the command "make".